Dong chun Lee

2009 이동춘 개인전 SIERADEN Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen The Netherlands

2009. 12. 13 – 2010. 02. 20

Galerie Marzee

Lage Markt 3 (Waalkade 4)

NL-6511 VK Nijmegen (The Neherlands)


The sound of my breath calls my heart and wakes up my consciousness. I live the present by every breath I take. The present moment fades away quickly, but it becomes memories and those memories make who I am. Making jewelry is a journey to find my memories, which were made with my breaths. The jewelry made out of the memories start to form by themselves and make new memories. My work starts with the most general and fundamental meaning of living, my breaths, and shed a new light on the meanings that jewelry can have. The pleasures of my daily life can be found in small things, and making jewelry is like an escape from the daily life.

Jewelry is another way of expressing ourselves, for both maker and the user, and an artistic way of communicating ourselves. Contemporary jewelry requires the exchange of intellectual and emotional knowledge between the artist and the wearer, and is based on the communication between the artist, jewelry and the wearer.